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Your luck is back

Register, deposit, play!

No more waiting on slow transactions and no more expensive fees to watch your coins fall. 

Now you can play your favourite bitcoin game off-chain, this means you can place bets and watch the coins rain on the plinko board instantly. 

Just create a profile, deposit any amount of bitcoin into your account and start to play immediately from your balance! The only transactions you will make are deposits and withdrawals.

Keeping the suspense

Choose between the classic Blue, Green, Yellow, Red lines and the new and exciting Grey line where you can win up to x9999! This last one is a promo line, which means it will be there for a limited time only, don’t miss your chance!

The smallest bet on any of the color lines is now 0.00001 BTC while in Lucky Bit Classic lowest bet was 0.001. This means you don’t have to be a whale to play anymore.

But if you bet big, you win big: You can win up to 15 BTC.

In the new Lucky Bit you can place up to 100 bets all in one go! This was one of the most requested features. Bets are played live, and the wins are funded into your account balance right away.

Bringing our community closer together

Lucky Bit’s community has grown in the crypto gambling world for years, and the new platform is even more socially focused, the new features contribute towards developing a social network.

You can now customise your profile, rise ranks, and be rewarded with trophies and achievements. You can obtain and show off Achievement badges on your profile by reaching certain milestones, like placing 100 bets or verifying your email address. During your game session you can also be awarded Trophies like Whale of the Day or Biggest Daily Winner, these come with special powers, but be careful, other users can steal them from you!

Lucky Bit’s famous chat box is also back, where you can get customer support 24/7, cheer for other players or just hang out and even win some bitcoin with the new ChatBot trivia!

The new game has also kept fan favourite features such as the Bet Browser and the Hall of Fame with its Luckiest, New Rich and Badass categories.

With a great game comes great responsibility

Lucky Bit has been (re)built by the same team that earned your trust with Lucky Bit Classic over the last six years and upholds maximum safety and security regarding your data and financial information. For improved security of your account, you can also set two-factor authentication (2FA).

Unbeatable Odds!

Remember Lucky Bit still has the lowest house edge in the market, only 1.76%! That sounds pretty good,  right? considering there are other crypto-based games whose house edge is as high as 15%.

Same game, new features. Lucky Bit is back. Your luck is back.