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Weekly Jackpot Race

Jackpot Race is here once again to give you a bit of practice before you hit the big 1BTC Race. And also the way to improve your bankroll before the big battle begins! In contrast to our competitors, we are actually bringing you promotions, where in the end, after passing all the conditions to win real bitcoins - you get real bitcoins to your balance.

The action will take place over the course of a whole week. The jackpot builds continuously - the more you all play, the bigger the jackpot. Probably eager to learn how much we are putting in the Jackpot this time? 20 mBTC will hopefully be a sufficient motivation.

17. 8., 00:00 UTC - 23. 8., 23:59:00 UTC

The prize pool will be divided into 10 prizes again, according to the following leaderboard:


To win the jackpot, play on the special multipliers (not all multipliers count towards the jackpot - see below). Whoever wins the most on those special multipliers over the week wins the massive jackpot. And will be everybody’s new best friend.

How does it work?

Well, 0,5% from the action of all of the players at LuckyBit between Monday 17. 8. and Sunday 23. 8. will go directly to the Jackpot, once we reach 5BTC total wager. Reaching 10BTC means we will give another 30mBTC to the Jackpot!


How do you get in!

Easy! Join everyone else playing plinko and dice for a week. Whoever has the highest score at the end of the week wins the jackpot. Just betting gives you some points, winning bets give you even more points.


You get points for playing, and points for hitting multipliers.

Points for playing

Every bet (1000sats and more) you make on plinko = 1 point.

Every bet (200sats and more) you make on Dice = 0.1 point.

Points for winning

for every winning bet = mBTC x 1000.

Total score = points for playing + points for winning.

Special Multipliers

Remember, only special multipliers count towards the Jackpot. Here’s the list:

Ready? We are!


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