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Trophies: All you need to know

How do they work

Trophies are awarded during the day to the players that have earned them by playing on LuckyBit. Only one user can hold a particular trophy at a time, that means that trophies are temporary, as opposed to achievement badges that stay in your profile. There are 3 different trophies awarded during the whole day: to the biggest winner, the highest wagered amount and the biggest bet. But be careful! players can “steal” trophies from each other by betting or winning more. Owning a trophy will make other players fear you, as they give you special powers while you’re holding them. Each trophy has its own power. Let’s take a closer look.


Most Bets today

If you are a LuckyBit enthusiast and love watching your coins rain on the plinko board, then you are a big candidate to win the Most Bets Today trophy, since it’s awarded to the player that has played the most bets in the day. This is a very craved trophy and changes hands very fast, because everyone loves a good old bitcoin rain on the board. Besides when you own it, it gives you the power to give bonuses to other fellow players.


Biggest Daily Winner

When your coin hits a rare multiplier or you make a big bet and win big! Then you shall be rewarded with the Biggest Daily Winner trophy! That means that you have achieved the largest profit of the day so far. This trophy will not only be the envy of the whole community but will also set your falling bitcoins in the board on fire. How cool is that?!


Whale of the Day

A very special and coveted trophy, this one is awarded to the player that has wagered the highest amount of BTC so far in the day. They say money attracts money and this is a lucky trophy, as bitcoins also attracts more bitcoins. This trophy also will show an icon next to your nickname in chat, and whenever you send a batch of bets, a sound will play for all players.

So next time you earn a trophy make sure to hold on tight and use its magical powers before another player steals it from you!