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The Longest Weekend

Weekend full of serious bitcoin gambling action is ahead of us at LuckyBit. As usual, in the end, you can have more bitcoins than you had in the beginning. And that's always a good thing! We prepared both Happy Hour and a Weekend Jackpot Race with some special motivation for deposits as well, so buckle up and dive into the schedule.

We're gonna go all the way from Friday late afternoon to Monday morning, to make sure all of our players timezones get the full weekend. Remember, this promotion is fully compatible with all deposit and no-deposit bonuses = more equity on your deposit/more chances on a full cashout with no-deposit bonus.

Happy Hour: The Longest Weekend

We are kicking off with the Happy Hour on Friday 16th between 18:00 - 19:00 UTC. Players will get 1 hour to compete and 0,01 BTC in the Happy Hour Prizepool + another 0,5% to the prizepool from the action of all of the players during Happy Hour.

The prize pool will be divided into 10 prizes, according to the following leaderboard:


The Longest Weekend Jackpot Race

Same leaderboard will be used for the weekend's Jackpot Race. The whole weekend of 17th - 18th October will be dedicated to the Jackpot Race with a fixed prizepool of 0,02 BTC. That's not too much, right? That's why we will increase the Jackpot with another 0,002 BTC for every deposit of 0,001 BTC or more arriving at LuckyBit between the midnight from Friday to Saturday (00:00 UTC), till Sunday's lunchtime (12:00 UTC).

You will get the same leaderboard and same points calculation as there is in the Happy Hour, but you can wager from Saturday 17th 00:00 UTC till Monday 19th, 08:00 UTC.

But how do I get points to both leaderboards?

To win, play on the special multipliers (not all multipliers count towards the leaderboard - see below). Whoever wins the most on those special multipliers during the Happy Hour and during the Jackpot Race wins the 1st place. And will be everybody’s new best friend.


The score calculation

You get points for playing, and points for hitting multipliers.

Points for playing

Every bet you make on plinko = 1 point.

Every bet you make on Dice = 0.1 point.

Points for winning

for every winning bet = mBTC x 1000.

Total score = points for playing + points for winning.

Special Multipliers

Remember, only special multipliers count towards the Jackpot. Here’s the list ➡️

It's The Longest Weekend! Who is going to crush it and become a LuckyBit legend? You can also see one of the latest blog articles which is dedicated to the art of crushing the Jackpot Race. You can find the article here.



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