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Silver Scrimmage

Update 23-8-2020: We have a winner! But we will not announce his name just like this, let´s all meet at 00:00 UTC sharp in the Plinko Silver Scrimage room to reveal the winning Silver Plinko Payline!

Recent days have been exciting at LuckyBit, as we have introduced several new bonuses and promotions, altogether with new features and affiliate programme, to help us spread the word and grow our great community of players and bitcoin lovers.

That almost sounds like a charity!? No worries, we have some bitcoins going on in this for you to earn very easily, just by proving some creativity and mathematical talent.

Insiders promotion

This promotion is for real insiders, who are more advanced in bitcoin gambling.

Silver Scrimmage is a payline contest, where we share part of profit made on the SILVER line of Plinko. Crazy? Not at all, we did it already and it's great fun, you just need to sit down, read and understand what you need to do.

First, visit this site: https://luckyb.it/odds-calculator. This is where you can suggest multipliers for a silver line of Plinko. Starting from the centre, where the coins on Plinko end up most often, to the extreme rare huge wins on the edge of the board. Feel free to be creative, but your math must make sense - we are sharing a profit, your math must provide a profit!

Reward in real BTC

Speaking about the reward, we will share exactly 10% of the profit on the Silver payline of Plinko achieved during the week from 24th August till 30th August. The reward for this contest will be paid out to your account at LuckyBit, so you need to be signed-up to participate.

How do you know your math works?

We will actually allow you to finish the form - unless that you will get hints on what to adjust to make it till the end.


Once you're finished and your payline is approved as viable, your screen will look like this:


Remember, this is just an example. You can suggest whichever numbers you find the best.

Once you're done, the calculator will give you a legit text to copy and paste into the post on Twitter with hashtag #luckybitsilverscrimmage or post in into our Silver Scrimmage BitcoinTalk thread here. That is also the final step to be officially in the competition. You can only enter the competition once, so make sure you´re happy with your payline.

Enough said - click the link and get creative. Best payline will be chosen by the LuckyBit team during sunday 23rd August.

Follow the instructions in the link https://luckyb.it/odds-calculator and good luck!

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