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One Bitcoin Jackpot Race

Attention all bitcoin nuts! In case you didn't notice, summer 2020 is here. Time to emerge from the basement, get out and enjoy the sun (careful, it burns). But make sure to be back in your man cave by September 1st, as that’s when our players’ favorite - the Jackpot Race starts again. Jackpot races are our way of sharing the love - we give back some of our profits to you the players. This time, a nice fat 1BTC reward is coming from us to you.

And with LuckyBit, you can be sure that when we say 1BTC reward, we mean a 1 BTC reward. Our reputation of being a fair and trusted site (we’ve been around since 2013!) is the single most important thing to us. So when it comes to rewarding our players we never fuck around. The last time we offered our players a 1 BTC reward, 3 players were able to claim full 1 BTC and the total payout of the promotions was 6.173 BTC distributed to 35 players!

Record breaking 1 BTC Jackpot Race

The Jackpot race is an event where you the players get to share in our profits. What happens is that once we start the race clock on September 1st, the race continues until 100 BTC have been wagered. Every single bet any player in both LuckyBit games counts both towards the collective 100BTC total and towards that player’s leaderboard points. After we hit the total (actually one week later so that the leaderboard gets even more exciting - see below), LuckyBit will distribute the 1 BTC reward amongst the top gamblers of the race.

Tldr - you guys bet 100BTC, we give you 1BTC! This time, we have decided to give our players as much time as they need to hit the wagering goal.

Once the wagering goal is achieved, we will announce it and we will give you another full week to try and make a final dash up the leaderboard and find out who will scoop the biggest part of the 1BTC Jackpot.

What happens, if the wagering goal is not met? You might have noticed by now we are no cheapskates, so as always, LuckyBit will find a way to reward players for their action.

If we see you didn't slack around and there was a real effort of the community to meet the wagering goal, we will fill the Jackpot with 0,5% of the total wager achieved by all LuckyBit players.

Distribution of prizes

Altogether, the Jackpot will be divided to 10 players according to this leaderboard table:


If you do the math, you will find out that achieving the wagering goal and finishing 1st in the leaderboard means a 0,4 BTC payout in real bitcoins.

Once again, LuckyBit leaves the competition in dust, there simply isn’t any other site where you can win such an amount in real BTC. And before you come telling us about all the mega slogans laid out in bright lights and pretty banners on the other sites - make sure you check out the small print in their terms - dodgy rules and conditions in most gambling sites usually make it impossible for players to actually claim advertised rewards. LuckyBit really is different (and we like to believe pretty unique). At LuckyBit, we always behave honourably - if the total wager is met and you finish on the leaderboard, then you can be sure that you will receive your reward.


How do you get in!

Easy! Just join everyone else playing Plinko and Dice. Everyone is working together to hit the 100BTC target. But at the same time, everyone is competing individually to get higher on the leaderboard. Different types of bets give you different numbers of points - it’s not enough to bet big, or bet often, you’ve got to bet clever (lucky helps as well)!


You get points for playing, and points for hitting multipliers.

Points for playing

Every bet (1000 sats and more) you make on plinko = 1 point.

Every bet (200 sats and more) you make on Dice = 0.1 point.

Points for winning

for every winning bet = mBTC x 1000.

Total score = points for playing + points for winning.

Special Multipliers

Remember, only special multipliers count towards the Jackpot. Here’s the list →

Wow. This might be one of the longest blog posts ever. Let's hope everything is clear. If not, don't be shy. We love chatting anyway, so just get in touch with us over Telegram or Support Email Service and ask us anything you want.

See you at Plinko or Dice!



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