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New Deposit Bonuses at LuckyBit

100% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS up to 500$

Gentlemen, we are here today to announce the new 100% First Deposit Bonus. What makes this one special is the new bonus system, where we immediately double up your deposit, up to 500$! This means your bonus is immediately playable, which is a unique feature compared to our competitors. The bonus is running on our fresh, new interface, where you can easily follow how far along are you with turning your bonus into real bitcoins.

But there is more! After you clear your 100% First Deposit Bonus, you can get your hands on 75% Second Deposit Bonus, followed by 50% Third Deposit Bonus!

So how does it work?

Actually pretty straightforward. Sign-in and make a deposit. 100% FIRST DEPOSIT BONUS applies up to 500$, but you can deposit more. We have a great new interface, where you deposit and see the bonus. Once you make a deposit, your bonus amount will add up to the initial deposit and create a bonus balance. Bonus balance is now marked in MyHub and you can start working on wagering it.

To withdraw your bonus you need to wager the bonus balance 30x, while the wagering must be distributed into at least 5 days where you wager at least 10% of the bonus.

Example 1:
Your First Deposit is 700USD with 100% First Deposit Bonus up to 500USD. Your bonus balance is now 500USD from initial deposit + 500USD bonus. You have to wager 30x 1000USD.

Example 2:
Your First Deposit is 300USD with 100% First Deposit Bonus up to 500USD. Your bonus balance is now 300USD from initial deposit + 300USD bonus. You have to wager 30x 600USD.

If you change your mind, you can easily request the bonus to be cancelled. In this case, the bonus amount will be reset and your balance will be immediately unlocked.

Second & Third Deposit Bonus is here!

Why stop at first deposit? You have already tested it's possible to clear it and that you have received your reward. Now it's time for squeezing the most out of your

75% Second Deposit Bonus up to 375USD. Again, you can deposit more, but you only get your 75% bonus up to 375USD. The wagering requirement for this bonus is 25x deposit + bonus amount. All other rules remain the same.

50% Third Deposit Bonus is here for the most skilled players who have managed to clear both First and Second Deposit Bonus. It's up to 250USD and the wagering requirements are 20x deposit + bonus amount.

What do we want in return for giving you free money?

Nothing - we just love handing out cash! Ok that’s not quite true - we are a social site first and foremost, and this is our way of encouraging players to be active and participate over time. We are always fully transparent about our terms and conditions and provably fair to boot.

Achievements will remain active while you wager your bonus. This means that the reward system for account milestones that is always active in LuckyBit continues to operate even while we are running bonus schemes. So it’s a win-win for our players - you can be earning your bonus, whilst also picking up cash for account milestones.

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