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More than just a bitcoin casino

New social gaming features

Lucky Bit is a space for our crypto community to socialize, make friends and have fun, while winning some bitcoin in the meantime ;).

Now you can customise your profile and show off your rank, trophies and achievements for other players to see. Your profile also comes with cool game stats like your wins and losses, your profit, the amount of bitcoin you’ve wagered, the largest multiplier you’ve hit and the largest bet you’ve made, amongst others. All these numbers are crunched together by the Lucky Bit machine, and the result is a percentage that reflects how lucky you are.


Rise to the top

Next to your profile picture you’ll see a number, that is your rank. The ranking system is quite straightforward, the more you play, the higher you will rank. You’ll also receive a title accordingly.

Profile Picture and Rank

Play, be rewarded and get some bitcoin bonus!

On this bitcoin casino, you can be awarded achievements when reaching certain milestones, like placing 100 bets, setting up 2 factor authentication or just hanging out in chat a lot. These achievements are permanent and will be on display in your profile for everyone to see. An exciting perk is that they bring along a loyalty bonus, that means you will not only get a shiny badge but also a piece of bitcoin that will be automatically added to your balance. Not bad!

BTC Achievements

Trophies thief

Say you’re playing Lucky Bit’s plinko game and your lucky coin hits a rare multiplier, you’ve not only won a large sum, but you’re now the proud holder of the Biggest Daily Winner trophy! While achievements are permanent, trophies are only temporary, that is because only one user can hold a particular trophy at a time, so be aware, other players can steal them from you! Trophies are not only nice to show off on your profile but are also magical and will give you special powers when they are in your possession, make sure you use them wisely!


Chat to win

If you are the social type and you like to hang out in chat, or people refer to you as a know-it-all,  you can now add some balance to your bitcoin account with the new ChatBot trivia! Pop into chat, answer the questions correctly and be rewarded! Remember our awesome mods are also there to help you with anything you need.

Before you go, don’t forget to visit the famous Hall of Fame where the luckiest, richest and most badass players are on display for everyone to envy… And who knows, maybe your name will be there soon!