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Massive bitcoin payouts!

If you missed the last few days at LuckyBit, you might end up crying in despair. To celebrate our new Dice game, we showered our players with bitcoins in massive bonus payouts. No, this was not the usual 10 eur from your crazy grandma. This promotion will go down to history as the moment LuckyBit made a big bang in the bitcoin gambling world!

100% First Deposit Bonus up to 1 BTC is a huge offer and the reaction of our players went through the roof. The wagering requirement has proven to be a no big deal considering our games are provably fair and we only required the deposited amount to be wagered 20 times.

Result? 35 players claimed the bonus and shared a massive total payout of 6.173 BTC!

We have seen a lot of stories emerge. 3 players were able to claim the full 1 BTC. And we have seen a lot of new players coming. For example naughty-stove, who made a cheeky run from a 5mBTC deposit to the biggest win in the history of LuckyBit - 5,2 BTC! Little did he know, when he made his account on LuckyBit, that we were about to change his life.


If you think we were done, you must be crazy. Or maybe we are... Immediately after closing the bonus, we have started a new one! This time for 500$ for all the players who missed the big one.

Our regular players now realize that the series of promotions, which started with Happy Hour almost 2 months ago, will maybe never stop as we keep coming up with something new every week!

And if you’re kicking yourself for having missed all that bonus action, here’s what you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on our upcoming bonuses

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  2. Get in touch with us on bitcointalk.org
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Our games are provably fair and our terms and conditions are transparent. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure place where you can play for real bitcoins with your friends and compete as a community.