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LuckyBit's Halloween Party

Halloween. Just another day you don't really care about, but all the brands love it and you know it will be everywhere. There is only one thing bitcoin lovers find really scary: What are they gonna do with all the money, since Bitcoin is reaching it's new all time high?

This seems like a perfect setup for a really crazy campaign. LuckyBit has a proven record of running genuinely crazy promotions, such as Happy Hour at 2am or ChatBot takeover, spilling bitcoins worth thousands of dollars from the prize pool. This time we will not give you either thousands of dollars or a heart-attack. Actually, we will give you a Happy Hour, which lasts the whole day and where you have only one goal. Win big!

Save the date: October 31st

Let's make things right. Yes, this Happy Hour will actually last 24 hours. BUT! We are not saying you have to gamble 24hours. That would be really mad. It's the opposite. It's halloween and we try to live it with this Happy Hour! You don't need to gamble full hour like in classic Happy Hour. You can play any time during the day or night, for how long you want.

Apart from having fun, the goal of Halloween is to bring home the biggest candy. Our party has only one way to determine the winners and that is the biggest win achieved.

Plinko - we are looking for a biggest profit achieved with a SINGLE BET
Dice - we are looking for a biggest total of winnings from ALL BETS and HIGHEST MULTIPLIER hit with a single bet.

For Plinko, you can win multiple rewards for being succesfull in various colour levels. On Dice there are two rewards, for first we will sum up all your winnings and for second you need to hit as high multiplier as possible with a single bet.

This Party Will Have Multiple Winners

Let's recap:

  • 31st October
  • 24 hours since 00:00am till 23:59:59am UTC
  • Winners: Plinko - who scores biggest profit with a single bet. Dice - who has a highest cumulative winnings and highest multiplier hit with a single bet.
  • Prizes distributed according to this leaderboard:


That's pretty straightforward, right? Well, we are LuckyBit and you should know by now there will be a twist!

Your avatar needs to wear a halloween mask or costume! Just upload the picture which we will confirm as “halloweenish”. Otherwise, you cannot win. Seriously. It's a Halloween Party in the end and coming without a costume is really awkward.

Feels Good with the Double Up

When you get your next paycheck, try shouting “double up” to your boss. Let's see how successful this would be. Well, your boss is not here, only cool LuckyBit. And we listened.

LuckyBit always finds a way to reward regular players. Did you play before the Halloween Party? Wager at least 0,5BTC throughout the week from Monday, October 26th and we will multiply your winning x2!

Another way to double up your winnings is to deposit at least $50 or more during the Happy Hour. Yes, just deposit and all your winnings will be doubled.

Feels Even Better to Triple Up!

But there is more .... if you fulfill both conditions - you wagered your 0,5BTC during the week before Halloween Party and make a deposit of at least $50 during the Halloween Party, we will triple up everything you win!

How cool is that?

Get ahead!

Maybe you're asking: But how, LuckyBit, how do I win this cool Happy Hour? You should mix it up, bet various colours and multipliers. Switch also between smaller and bigger bets.

If you want to get some more hints, tips and tricks on how to play, just ask in the chat, mods are always around to help.

Save the date - 31st October is the Halloween Party you will actually enjoy. And don't forget the Halloween Avatar!


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