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Most famous Bitcoin Plinko

Lucky Bit has the best plinko online 

We are not just saying this, come to Lucky Bit’s shiny new website https://luckyb.it/ and see Lucky Bit’s triangular lucky machine for yourself! The game is none other than the famous “bean machine” or “Galton box”, also popularized as the Plinko game on the american tv show “The price is right”. It is also the same concept as Pachinko games, a popular type of casino game machines in Japan. 

Plinko Game Icon

How does the game work? 

You choose a color, place a bet and watch your bitcoin fall from the pipeline and bounce off the rows of pins of the game board, changing direction on each step it takes, until it randomly reaches one of the bottom slots, falling on a lucky multiplier of the selected colored line and see your balance multiply!

Ready to play in 2 easy steps

First step is to register, by creating an account and verifying your email.

Then you need to add some balance to your account: just copy the deposit address provided or scan the QR code and create a transaction from your bitcoin wallet. Wait for the blockchain to work its magic and that’s it! 

Choose your lucky color

So you’ve signed up and deposited some bitcoin in your account, now you have to decide which color to play! Is red your lucky color? Maybe you’re feeling lucky today and want to try silver!  There are four standard lines or levels: blue, green, yellow and red, and also a promotional level that changes regularly, in this case the silver line. Each one has different multipliers, winning odds and payouts. Let’s give them a closer look: (/IMG color lines)

Blue -  Level 1 - Beginner line - Payout ★  - Winning odds ★★★★★ - Biggest multiplier x3
Green - Level 2 -  Safe line - Payout ★★  - Winning odds ★★★★ - Biggest multiplier x22

Yellow - Level 3 - Medium line - Payout ★★★  - Winning odds ★★★ - Biggest multiplier x111

Red - Level 4 - Pro Line - Payout ★★★★  - Winning odds ★★ - Biggest multiplier x999

Silver - Level 5 - Epic Line - Payout ★★★★★  - Winning odds ★ - Biggest multiplier x9999

These are just some guidelines and we believe ultimately it’s all about luck. As someone once said “If you want more luck, take more chances”.

Now it’s time to bet!

At the bottom right corner there’s a betting widget, here you pick your lucky color, enter how much you want to wager, or you can select the Minimum bet (0.00001 BTC) or go high roller style for the Maximum bet. Just hit that BET button and watch your coins fall on the crypto game board and enjoy the sweet sound of winning!
Remember your coin will be the same color as the line you choose and will also be highlighted so it won’t be confused with other people’s bets.

Make it Rain!

You can now place up to 100 bets in one go! Use the slider on the betting widget or enter the amount of coins you want to wager on one single bet.

Make It Rain

Live bets, live payouts

All bets are played live and the wins are funded into your account immediately. As soon as you hear the ding of the coin landing on a multiplier, the game computes your win or loss and a new amount is sent to balance as a payout right away.

Get some insight

You can follow your bets and stats very easily. On the Bets tab you can see everyone’s wagers or filter just your own. Your full wager history is also available in the Bet Browser page for you to verify. On the Statistic’s tab you can keep track of your profit and how much you’ve wagered. But you can also use this tool as a luck tracker, as you can see your wins and loses, and your luck % on each color! Maybe red was your lucky color after all!

Luck Wheel

Now you’re ready to start playing plinko online on the best crypto casino the web has to offer! 

For more help you can visit The Frequently Asked Questions or pop into chat where our awesome moderators can assist you!
Happy betting!