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Legendary Rakeback Weekend

The weekend of November 27th - 29th will be all about giving back. No, you cannot return your wife or children. But you can win real bitcoins with a simple and straightforward promotion no matter if you win or lose.

Fasten up, we're gonna go quickly through all the details so you can start inventing your strategy for the Legendary Rakeback Weekend.

Weekend of the legends

So what's cooking on the weekend from Friday 27th, 00:00UTC till Sunday 29th, 23:59 UTC? For these three days, we will count your total wager and use it to calculate your % rakeback reward.

Experienced players know the total wager can be a huge number and that's why they love this promotion.

Tiers, ranks & more

Your entry tier to the promotion is determined by your LEGEND RANK achieved on LuckyBit before the event.


If you're new to LuckyBit, you can take part in this promotion even before achieving legend rank 10 either by DEPOSIT or by WAGER during the weekend.

a) If you decide to go with the deposit, you need to deposit 0,025 BTC and more

b) If you decide to go with the wagering, you need to wager at least 1 BTC over the weekend

What about the rewards?

By the end of the week, if you managed to qualify for a % rakeback reward with one of the tiers, we will take your total wager from Friday 27th, 00:00 UTC till Sunday 29th, 23:59 UTC, apply the % reward and payout your reward.

Simple as that. Or you have some questions? We are ready to handle them in the game chat 24/7.

See you around! :)


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