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New Affiliate Programme

LuckyBit’s affiliate programme offers a competitive tiered REVENUE SHARE with No Negative Carry Over (NNCO). As with everything we do at LuckyBit, our affiliate programme is designed to be transparent and fair. Any questions - just get in touch.

LuckyBit’s affiliate programme offers a competitive tiered REVENUE SHARE with NNCO

How do you join the affiliate program at LuckyBit?

1) sign-up on the main affiliate page https://affiliate.luckyb.it/

2) pick-up your referral link

3) distribute the link to your affiliate players

Once your players sign-up with the affiliate link, they can deposit and start playing immediately. And you start earning real bitcoins from their actions.


Earn 35% revenue share for the first 3 months!

Our affiliate model is based on Net Gaming Revenue. This is all your players’ total wager, minus their winnings, bonuses and fees. Knowing your players’ Net Gaming Revenue is a key to learn how much you are earning on them.

LuckyBit’s affiliate program offers a competitive commission structure as shown in this tab.

When you are starting a new affiliate, you are ensured to get 35% for the first 3 months!


No Negative Carryover (NNCO)

NNCO means, very simply, that negative results do not burden your chances for next month! Let's explain this part in an example - you're gonna love it. If your players win 2BTC (Net Gaming Revenue is negative -2BTC), there will be no affiliate payout. However, going to next month, you get a fresh start from 0. This example is illustrated in the two tables below.

As you can expect with LuckyBit - our affiliate system is transparent and clear. There are no strings attached.

Are you going to join the affiliate programme on LuckyBit? Do you have any questions or feedback for us? Get in touch with our support team at affiliates@luckyb.it and we will answer any questions.


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