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Happy Hour: Silver Scrimmage

Did you spot the change of Silver Line on the Plinko board? The silver line is no ordinary line. It is designed by one of our players - Octopussy, lover of 80s Bond movies (we guess?!), and long-standing member of the bitcoin community. Octopussy, won the Silver Scrimmage design competitions with his Silver Plinko Payline full of 8s'. This week, LuckyBit is sharing profit with Octopussy!

What's the twist, LuckyBit?

As you can expect on LuckyBit, there is a twist! We want our players to focus even more on the Silver Line, so we come with a brand new Happy Hour: Silver Scrimmage. Very simply said, there will be 5 places in the leaderboard for 5 most profitable bets made during Happy Hour on Plinko's Silver Line.


Yes, you can take all 5 places in the leaderboard, if you make 5 most profitable bets! Remember, it's not only about the multiplier, but also about the size of the bet.


Player A bets 5000 satoshis and hits x888 multiplier. He is now 1st in the leaderboard. To beat him, you have to hit x888 multiplier with a higher bet.

You need to be in it, to win it!

Really, the only condition to score in this competition is to play in the Silver Scrimmage room when the Happy Hour is on. There is no schedule, Happy Hours will appear randomly during the day or night all the way until Sunday 30th, 23:59 UTC. Remember, it's a community event so we will always have a winner. If you win, you win. If you lose, Octopussy will win more!

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See you at the Plinko!


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