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Happy Hour: King Of The Hill vol. 4

Let's make it rain bitcoins once again on the legendary Plinko board. You wanted it, we wanted it, so let’s get happy! Let’s see who's gonna climb to the top of the leaderboard in the 5 levels of Plinko and become a King Of The Hill this time?

When? Friday, 19. 6. - morning from 6:00am till 7:00am UTC (8am CET, 2am EDT)!

For those of you who are in Europe - remember, there is no shame in having a breakfast beer!

Total payout of the leaderboard prizes is a cool 100 mBTC. An additional 10mBTC will be awarded to players who participated in the Happy Hour, but didn't make it to the leaderboard.

So let's dive in, what does the leaderboard look this time?


The player who accumulates the highest wagered amount will crush the leaderboard and claim the crown of King Of The Hill. There are 5 colour levels to dominate and 100 mBTC in bonuses on the legendary Plinko board. Adjust your strategy and make sure you succeed. You can concentrate on one level, or conquer them all!

Traditional consolation prize will be reserved as usual for those valiant players who did not quite make it to the leaderboard prizes. Total payout of consolation prize is 10mBTC and, divided to up to 20 players! If there are more than 20 players, the winners of the consolation prize will be drawn with a chatbot lotto. Otherwise, everybody gets exactly 1/20 of the 10mBTC consolation prize = 0,5 mBTC.

Last time the Happy Hour went to Plinko, we saw some wicked action, including a x999 hit! Make sure you don't miss this one and come to enjoy the party with our community.

Wagers you make during Happy Hour contribute both to the Leaderboard prizes and the 100% Deposit Bonus wagering requirements!

Make sure you save the date & see you at the Plinko!


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