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Happy Hour: King Of The Hill vol. 3

It will be almost a month since our last Happy Hour. So many things happened in the meantime! We've rocked out stunning deposit bonuses and now we go back to the roots and bring you for a 3rd time your favorite - Happy Hour: King Of The Hill.

When? May 17th 2020 between 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

The player who accumulates the highest wagered amount will crush the leaderboard and claim the crown of King Of The Hill. There are 5 colour levels to dominate and 0.14 BTC in bonuses on the legendary Plinko board. Adjust your strategy and make sure you succeed. You can concentrate on one level, or conquer them all!


If you miss your chance to win some of the leaderboard prizes, you still have a chance for a reward with a traditional 0,01 BTC lotto draw!

After receiving several messages last time regarding the lotto draw, we want to clarify this reward. It is meant as a prize for those who did not win in the leaderboard. The prize will be divided into 0,0005 BTC pieces and distributed with a lotto draw up to 20 players. You're only entitled for this reward if you made at least one bet during Happy Hour and did not win any of the leaderboard prizes. If there are less than 20 players to draw from, each one of them will get 0,0005 BTC.


For one more time we dare you, can you become the real Plinko King Of The Hill? The minimum bet is 0,0001 BTC.

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