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Happy Hour: ChatBot Madness

We are throwing a party! Celebrate new licence with LuckyBit in the most outrageous Happy Hour format the internet has ever witnessed..


The new licence is important for us, because it confirms what our players already know: LuckyBit is 100% legit adress for all bitcoin lovers and players who are seeking a chance to win up to 15 BTC!

Total payout of the ChatBot Madness will be 100 mBTC. We will let ChatBot distribute the prizes as he wishes. There are no rules or restrictions to this party. We don't know how many players will come, but if there is only one person playing - well, it's gonna be a payday just for him (or her, if the legend is true and there are actually women on this part of the internet).

When? Monday 27. 7., 18:00 - 19:00 UTC

There will be a King of the HIll in the end of the day, so make sure to play your A game and follow a chat carefully, as you might get a question you don't want to miss. It's important to play and make ChatBot happy. All of the prizes in the leaderboard will be the same for all positions and levels - 10000 satoshis.

ChatBot always asks players directly - he will address you with your username and ask a question. If you answer the question correctly within the limited time, the prize is yours.

How much are the prizes? Only ChatBot knows and you will find out only after you answer the question. There are no strings attached - just play and wait to be addressed.

The question is. Are you feeling lucky? Cause there will be no points and no wager, just free money flying around. So stay around and catch some of them.


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