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1 Bitcoin Race: How to crush it?!

Think the 1 Bitcoin Race is only for the cool kids. Think again! Don’t be shy - you just need a battleplan. Read on to find out how to become one of the leaderboard regulars...

How to get more than twice of your money to bet?

First hint - bet more money! And word to the wise - you don’t even need to bet your own money. Get creative with the deposit bonuses. Unlike other casinos, we allow you to leverage your bonuses for other promotions. In other words, you can clear your deposit bonus while still scoring points on the leaderboard. The LuckBit first Deposit Bonus is now 150%, so if you deposit 100$, you get immediately 150$ and you can play with it. All of sudden you don't have 100$ to bet, but 250$ to bet! More money=higher volume = leaderboard, here I come!

Divide and conquer

What you should be aiming for is to make a plan on how to distribute your bets?

  1. Play both Dice and Plinko - each game has its perks. Each bet in plinko means 1 point. Considering you can do up to 3 bets per second with the autobetting feature - you can easily score thousands points just for placing the bet.
  2. On Plinko, you can play BLUE and GREEN, but don't forget to play a decent part of your bets on YELLOW, RED and SILVER lines as well. Higher win = more points.
  3. On Dice, remember to always bet above 251,897x multiplier.

Be consistent with your plan and make sure you follow these simple rules. Immediately, you will see the influx of points and soon your name will emerge in the leaderboard.

Remember, remember ...

Don't forget - once we unlock the 1BTC Jackpot, you will have one more week to gather points to the leaderboard. Make sure you have a solid head start to defend your position in this crazy week.

Remember, if you want to discuss the best 1 Bitcoin Race strategies, we are here for you in the in-game chat. Or use it to ask Kolloh - the leader of the Race so far. We’re sure he’ll be happy to tell you how to beat him :-). Or maybe not - there’s a whole lot of love in the LuckyBit community, but that might be stretching it.