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CashBack: Revolution!

Update 13. 11. 2020

With a large part of the world in a lockdown, this is a chance for LuckyBit to swim upstream and do something crazy. Opportunity we could never pass. Therefore, we have made a decision to do a major change for this weekend's event and open it for everyone! All real money players now have a chance to win up to 60% cashback.

There are only two conditions to be eligible for a cashback reward in CashBack: Revolution!

1) no bonus money involved in the weekend event - if you have a deposit bonus going on, you have to clear it or cancel it before 23:59 UTC - 13. 11. 2020 - which is TODAY!

2) you have made at least 1 deposit between 1. 10. 2020, 00:00 UTC and 13. 11. 2020, 23:59 UTC.

We are also adding a new consolation prize for all the players who will not make it to the leaderboard. If you will actively participate in the event, be eligible for a cashback reward, but won't make it to the leaderboard, you will get 1% fixed cashback as a free gift.

Original text

Revolution is by definition taking back what was already yours. But for sure you have to put up a fight. This weekend we will give you a unique event during which you can recover up to 60% of the bitcoins you lost & become a legend of CashBack Revolution.

Put up a fight!

Freedom, fame ..and mainly bitcoins. Even the legends sometimes lose. And honestly, with bitcoin being this high, we know you will appreciate the chance to recover some of your losses. Up to 60% actually! We can actually sum it up into one sentence:


How to join?

Starting from Monday, 09. 11., 00:00am UTC, you have all the time until Friday, 13. 11., 11:59pm UTC to fulfill one /or both/ of the following tasks:

1) WAGER MORE THAN 0,5 BTC (this conditions has been canceled)
2) DEPOSIT $1000 (in one transaction) (this condition has been changed to 1 deposit between 1. 10. 2020, 00:00 UTC - 13. 11. 2020, 23:59 UTC)

These are conditions which will qualify you for the Cash Back in the event coming on the weekend.

Wait, anybody said weekend event?

Yes, the centre-point of this promotion is the event taking place on the weekend. Players who qualify with the previous 2 conditions will be eligible to receive a reward. Reward will be a cashback on your losses accumulated during the weekend event, starting from Saturday, 14. 11., 00:00am UTC to Monday, 16. 11., 09:00am UTC. You can compete in 6 categories and accumulate up to 60% cashback by marking your name in this leaderboard:


For all five colours of Plinko the winners will be determined by a highest profit achieved with a single bet. For Dice it's the highest multiplier achieved with a single bet.

It works this way. If you finish 1st in Plinko Blue (10%), 2nd in Plinko Yellow (6%) and 4th in Dice (2%), your CashBack will be 18%.

Do you want 60% of the bitcoin you lost back? You need to crush all six leaderboard categories!

One last advice: no bonus allowed.

If you worked your way to this point, you deserve our last advice. You will only be eligible for a cashback if there are no bonus bitcoins involved in your weekend action. None of Deposit Bonuses is allowed - if you want to be eligible for a cashback you need to clear or cancel your Deposit Bonus by Friday 13. 11., 11:59pm UTC.

If you're not sure about anything, don't forget we are here for you in the game chat 24/7.

See you soon, friends.


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