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Bigger & Better: Autumn Action

The summer season is now officially over. Hope you had a good time flexing your muscles at the beach. Now time flex your btc muscle over at Luckybit with our new promotions. Why is LuckyBit the best casino around? We give you more than double (150%) on your deposit and you can immediately use the bonus to reach the leaderboard of 1 BTC Race! Ending the summer holidays was never this much fun.

Let's dive right in and find out what LuckyBit has brewing...

One Bitcoin Race

Once again we are launching a contest for the whole LuckyBit Community. Simply put - you guys bet 100 BTC, we give you 1BTC Jackpot. It's a community challenge - meaning - all bets by all players contribute to the 100BTC goal. Once the goal is met, we hand out 1 btc to you, the players. Well in fact 1 week after the goal is met, so you can have a bit more time to jostle for places on the leaderboard. To learn more information on One Bitcoin Race please continue to the article dedicated to this event.

September Deposit Bonuses

Now with the feedback of players even better than before!

150% First Deposit Bonus up to 500$ is now offering increased equity. You Deposit 100$, we give you additional 150$ right away and you can immediately play even with the bonus amount! Of course nothing stops you depositing more - but just to be clear (as we always are at LuckyBit) your bonus will be capped at 150% of the deposit, up to 500$.

75% Second Deposit Bonus up to 375$ and 50% Third Deposit Bonus up to 250$ are great additions to the First Deposit Bonus and we hope many players will be able to clear all 3 bonuses.

Enhanced Welcome Bonus

For those of you who followed the 10$ Welcome Bonus last week, it aimed a big spotlight on LuckyBit. We are glad to welcome the new, genuine players with a real challenge where in the end they get their hands on real bitcoins.

Why are you still reading this article? Why aren’t you playing already? No seriously, get on with it :-) Click one of the following buttons to take you where you need to be right now:


Terms & conditions One Bitcoin Race

Terms & conditions September Deposit Bonuses

Terms & conditions 10$ Welcome Bonus