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5 great benefits of DICE!

DICE is pure Bitcoin action. And it's coming soon to LuckyBit! We are bringing you 5 reasons to give our new DICE a chance. Your karma will thank you later.

Betting at the speed of light

Enjoy the best DICE ever with a crazy pace of placing your bets. How do we know it's the best DICE ever? We tested most of the games out there and learned from their mistakes. As a result we have reinvented the whole concept. This is the game that changes the idea of DICE. We still give you DICE...BUT FUN!

Supreme design

Not only the best dice ever, but also the most beautiful one! Our team did really a great job on making this game both delightful to look at and insanely functional. Talk about the benefits of developing our games in house. YES - WE BUILD OUR OWN GAMES! Nothing will stop you from making the right decisions and keeping track of what is going on.

Actually gives you a chance to win

Provable fairness applies to DICE as well. Unlike many casinos, due to provable fairness provided in each of our games, you can make sure you gamble on a safe platform and nothing bothers your experience of pure Bitcoin action.

Reduce risk of madness

For the time you play you forget about the lockdown. Which is a good thing, because anything that will allow you to forget about facemasks for a while is positive these days. Also, seeing your Bitcoin balance go up will settle your financial worries for sure. Bitcoin magic!


We highly doubt there is a more fun way to win a lot of Bitcoins. Unreal speed of action, great functionality and provable fairness. These are the 3 factors which make this game special.

Enough words. Completely reinvented DICE coming soon. DICE...BUT FUN!