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20$ Welcome Bonus

More than 1500 new players enjoyed their 10$ Welcome Bonus at Luckybit as the best way to get into bitcoin gambling. Now, invite everybody, cause we doubled it up to a 20$ WELCOME BONUS!

No mining, no trading, no rip-offs - we give you a playable bonus and very easy goals to turn this bonus into real BTC.

How to claim & unlock the bonus:

1) sign-up at LuckyBit and accept the bonus

2) check your balance - bonus is awarded and immediately playable

3) wager your 20$ bonus 60x within 10 days

4) wager the bonus 6x in at least 7 days (bonus is valid for 10 days)

5) your bonus has now become real bitcoins!

The bonus expires in 10 days. Meaning you have 10 days to fulfill these wager requirements. When you check your balance in MyHub, you can see the bar next to the Welcome Bonus, which will tell you how far along you are with clearing the wager requirement.

The most important wager requirements are:

1) that you have to wager 60x the amount of your bonus before you can withdraw it

2) wager the bonus 6x in at least 7 days (bonus is valid for 10 days)

If you decide you're done with the bonus, you can easily cancel it. For example if you decide you're ready to deposit and boost your bankroll with the 150% Deposit Bonus, we will encourage you to. Playing with your own funds is where the real fun begins and all restrictions are gone. For example the maximum possible withdrawal with 20$ Welcome Bonus is 60$. With your own deposited funds, there are no such limits. The withdrawal limit is at staggering 50 BTC and you can win up to 15BTC with a single bet!

What’s with these rules?

Well - the first thing to note is that we are super up front about our rules. Almost all the other sites out make it hard for you to claim the bonuses they advertise, and make lots of sneaky rules in the (incredibly) small print. Here at LuckyBit, we have a hard won reputation for being fair. But nice as we are, we are still not in the business of handing out free money (or we wouldn’t be in business for very long!).

No Deposit Welcome Bonus is your chance to try our games for free with no obligations. When you feel ready, you can always cancel the bonus and deposit. The idea of our bonus systems is to get a win-win for you and for us. You get a chance to get some free bitcoins - we get some good activity on our site. Our rules are set up to encourage you to play your bonus in a way that is exciting for the community. The end result: you get some balance to try our games for free without any commitment as well as a unique chance to walk away with real BTC.

Enough said - now try LuckyBit yourself!

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