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100% Deposit Bonus up to 500$!

Get your deposit topped up and double your money easily. Then come on in and see if you can double it again! Two original games for your playing pleasure.

This bonus applies only once, on a first deposit you make in a period between 3. 6. 2020, 8:00 am UTC - 17. 6. 2020, 8:00 am UTC.

Dice...reinvented! A much needed upgrade to the classic dice game. See your bet unfold in real time and cheer on (or compete with!) other players.

Legendary Plinko. A fresh new look, now with new features and a highest multiplier of x9999!

Claim your bonus now!

So how does it work? Actually pretty straightforward. Sign-in, make your first deposit of any amount. 100% DEPOSIT BONUS applies up to 500$, but you can deposit more. We have a great new interface, where you deposit and see the bonus. Once you wager the deposit 55x, the bonus unlocks. Real money. How cool is that? We are provably fair, so wagering 55x is no biggie. You have 10 days to fulfill the wagering requirement.

Important information: The bets wagered on a BLUE level of Plinko do not contribute to the bonus clearing.

What do we want in return for giving you free money? Nothing - we just love handing out cash! Ok that’s not quite true - you do have to play 5 days in a row. We are a social site first and foremost, and this is our way of encouraging players to be active and participate over time. We are always fully transparent about our terms and conditions, LINK and provably fair to boot.

Achievements will remain active while you wager your bonus. What does it mean? There are additional cash rewards waiting for you on the way for reaching your account milestones.

See you on Dice or Plinko! You can win up to 15 BTC at LuckyBit!


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