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LuckyBit Micro brings you the real LuckyBit experience in a pocket format! This game features a compact eight-line game board, easy and versatile rapid betting controls, bet analysis, real LuckyBit action and much more! You'll just need to log in with Moneypot.

Moneypot is a powerful, secure service that provides a provably fair gambling framework for players, developers, and investors. It gives you access to many different games, all featured by different developers, and allows you to freely transfer bitcoins between them without fees. All game developers receive a commission on games, and investors get a guarantee that all games played against their bankroll will have favorable odds. Players know the game is fair thanks to the open provably fair system and developers have the advantage of not having to worry about how to shuffle bitcoins around the blockchain, getting to focus on making better games like this one. There's no cost to sign up and you can withdraw your bitcoins anytime, so try it now!

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LuckyBit Micro automatically verifies every bet. Should a bet fail the verification, you will be notified and betting will be frozen. This has never happened and is never expected to happen, but the feature is there for your protection.

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