Design your LuckyBit promo game

It's your turn to tell us what game you want to play! If you make a Lucky Bit payline that we like enough to feature as the promo line for a week, you'll earn a percentage of that line's profits - as if the excitement of playing your own line on Lucky Bit isn't enough.

We've created a tool you can use to play with, and discover Lucky Bit games we never thought of. Invent something great, post your entry on Bitcoin Talk, and you could see your creation go live on Lucky Bit for at least seven days! Oh, is that not exciting enough for you? Okay, how about we also give you 2% of the profits your line generates if it turns a profit? Still not enough? Your name and line will be preserved in Lucky Bit history and become a part of the great story that is the evolution of Bitcoin - and if that's not satisfying enough for you, maybe it's time to consider a career change.

Center Extreme
Max Bet


Odds (min 98.24, try to get around 98.25):
Max amount players can win (try to get around 100):
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