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Current Events

> The LuckyBit Clambling project is almost done! Contact stingleword if you want to join the beta! <

LuckyBit Micro and LuckyBit Derby have been taken offline. See notice below for information.


Stingleword's History Analyzer
LuckyBit Silver Wallet Registrar

Return fee deduction on all payments is 0.001 BTC.
The minimum wager on all lines is 0.01 BTC.

Use 0.0012 BTC/Kb fees for instant play, and use our ModBot to look up your bet while you wait.

LuckyBit Micro and LuckyBit Derby are offline. The new owners of MoneyPot have upgraded the system to a new format and their stated goals for the future of their service do not align with our interests any more. We are happy to have severed the business relationship cleanly with no debts or hard feelings. If you still have funds on LuckyBit Micro or LuckyBit Derby, you can withdraw them to your MoneyPot wallet here.